Here you can appreciate the culinary richness of Brazil, but also the Italian one: with many recipes that date back to old family traditions. Almost everything is home made, from sweet to savoury dishes, from cakes to fruit juice, from pastries to bread. Our most well liked bread is the one mixed the night before and left to raise overnight before being baked in the morning, only to be served still warm on the table. Yes, because all foods are laid out on a large table where guests can help themselves at their will. On the one hand cakes and sweets

on the other hand cheeses that accompany ham, salami and other sausages, and then small salted delicacy based on eggs, ham, corn, cheese, etc....

In the midst of so many freshly cut fruit dishes: bananas, papayas, mangoes, grapes, melon and watermelon, and of course the very tropical pineapples, you can find many types of bread, from the white to the whole-wheat, from olives sandwiches to those with dried tomatoes. During breakfast guests are asked if they want fried, scrambled or boiled eggs, omelettes or crepes (pancakes), which can be stuffed with cheese, tomatoes or ham and, of course, they are prepared to order, so everything gets hot on the table.
Even fruit juices are freshly prepared so that they retain their organoleptic characteristics. Part of what is served at breakfast is regular, but other things are served in rotation, depending on the day of the week.